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本文摘要:SAN FRANCISCO — For Apple, the iPhone continues to be the device that makes the company tick.旧金山——对于苹果(Apple)来说,iPhone仍然是让公司维持动力的支柱产品。


SAN FRANCISCO — For Apple, the iPhone continues to be the device that makes the company tick.旧金山——对于苹果(Apple)来说,iPhone仍然是让公司维持动力的支柱产品。While top rivals like Samsung are starting to show weakness in phone sales, Apple sold 35.2 million iPhones in the third fiscal quarter, up 13 percent from the period a year ago. The total was slightly below the estimates of analysts, who had expected 36 million iPhones to be sold.在三星(Samsung)等强大输掉在手机销售方面开始显露出疲态的同时,苹果第三财季iPhone销量为3520万部,同比快速增长了13%。不过,这个数字略低于分析师的3600万部预期。

But for Apple, slightly disappointing analysts on iPhone sales does not appear to be cause for alarm. The company, which is based in Cupertino, Calif., reported profit of $7.75 billion in the quarter that ended June 28, up from $6.9 billion in the quarter a year earlier.但对于苹果来说,iPhone销量让分析师额感觉沮丧或许也没担忧的适当。在截至6月28日的财季,总部坐落于加州库比提诺的苹果公司袭港77.5亿美元利润,低于去年同期的69亿美元。Revenue was $37.43 billion, up from $35.32 billion in the quarter a year ago. Wall Street analysts had expected revenue of $37.93 billion, according to a survey of analysts by Thomson Reuters.苹果这一财季的营收为374.3亿美元,低于去年同期的353.2亿美元。根据汤森路透(Thomson Reuters)的数据,华尔街分析师的预期为379.3亿美元。

Healthy sales of Macs also helped fuel the growth, the company said. Apple reported selling 4.4 million Macs, up from 3.8 million in the same quarter last year, beating analysts’ expectations of about 3.9 million.苹果回应,Mac电脑相当可观的销售状况也助推了快速增长。苹果在这一财季卖出了440万台Mac电脑,低于去年同期的380万台,远超过了分析师大约390万台的预期。

The strong iPhone sales, thanks in part to a recent distribution deal with China Mobile, offset other, more disappointing results from Apple’s other signature product, the iPad. The company sold 13.3 million iPads, down 9 percent from the year-ago quarter. Analysts had predicted it would sell an average of 14.4 million.iPhone的强大销量一定程度上要得益于不久前与中国移动达成协议的一项分销协议,也抵销了苹果另一款主打产品iPad令人沮丧的业绩。这一财季的iPad销量为1330万部,同比上升了9%。


分析师此前的平均值预期为1440万部。But a small dip in iPad sales is not so bad if iPhone sales are up. Apple’s gross profit margin was 39.4 percent, up 2.5 percentage points from the quarter a year ago. Apple makes more money on each iPhone than it does on each iPad, so when sales momentum shifts away from the iPad toward the iPhone, profit margins are better.但如果iPhone销量下降,iPad销量即使小幅下降也无大碍。


And unlike Samsung, which is having a difficult time fending off low-cost competition from companies like Xiaomi and Huawei, sales in China gave Apple a big boost over the quarter. Apple’s revenue in China grew 28 percent from a year ago.三星正在艰苦地抵抗来自小米和华为等公司的低成本竞争。与三星有所不同,苹果公司这一财季的在华销售为公司带给了很大的提振。苹果在华营收同比快速增长了28%。

China is an increasingly vital market for the company, especially now that the smartphone markets in the United States and parts of Europe have become saturated.对于苹果来说,中国市场的重要性于是以日益强化,特别是在是因为美国和欧洲部分地区的智能手机市场早已经常出现饱和状态。In fact, the importance of China would be an impetus for Apple to develop a lower-cost, big-screen iPhone to target the Asian region, said Ben Bajarin, a consumer technology analyst for Creative Strategies.创新策略公司(Creative Strategies)的消费科技分析师本·巴加林(Ben Bajarin)说道,事实上,中国市场的重要性将沦为苹果以亚洲地区为目标、开发成本更加较低的大屏iPhone的动力所在。IDC, the research firm, estimates that at least 20 percent of all smartphones shipped last year in China were five inches or larger. It predicts that number will balloon to 50 percent by 2017.据研究公司国际数据公司(IDC)估算,去年在中国销售的智能手机中,最少20%享有五英寸及以上大小的屏幕。

该公司预计,这一比例到2017年将攀升至50%。“Positioning a lower-cost iPhone that’s in the larger screen size would fit Asia’s trend perfectly,” Mr. Bajarin said.巴加林说道,“发售一款屏幕更大、价格更加较低的iPhone将完全符合亚洲的趋势。”And that is what Apple intends to do in the fall, according to a person briefed on Apple’s product plans who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the plans were private. Analysts expect Apple torelease two sizes — a model with a screen that measures 4.7 inches diagonally and the other at 5.5 inches.一名理解苹果产品计划的知情者说道,这正是苹果今年秋天想做到的事。由于这些计划是保密的,知情者拒绝电子邮件。


分析师预计,苹果将发售两种型号,屏幕尺寸分别为4.7英寸和5.5英寸。Still, the excitement over the iPhone was tempered somewhat by iPad results.“IPad sales met our expectations, but we realize they didn’t meet many of yours,” Timothy D. Cook, Apple’s chief executive, told analysts on the company’s financial earnings call. Shares of Apple were down about half a percentage point in after-hour trading Tuesday evening.尽管如此,iPad销量上升某种程度还是暗喻了iPhone的强大展现出所引起的激动。“iPad销量超过了我们的预期,但我们告诉,它没超过你们许多人的预期,”蒂莫西·D·库克(Timothy D. Cook)在公司的财报电话会议中对分析师说道。

周二晚间,苹果股票在盘后交易时段暴跌了大约0.5%。In an interview, Luca Maestri, Apple’s chief financial officer, said iPad sales brought in mixed results in different regions. In China and India, tablet sales grew substantially. In more mature markets, like the United States, however, iPad sales were softer.苹果首席财务官卢卡·马埃斯特里(Luca Maestri)在专访中说道,iPad销量因地区而异。在中国和印度,平板电脑的销售经常出现了大幅度快速增长。

在美国等更加成熟期的市场,iPad的销售就不会下滑一些。Apple cited data from IDC, the research firm, indicating that tablet sales in the United States and Western Europe would decline 5 percent last quarter.苹果援引IDC的数据表示,在美国和欧洲西部国家,平板电脑的销量上季度有可能上升了5%。Traditionally, the quarter ending in June is a slow time of year for smartphone sales industrywide because many consumers are holding out until fall or the holiday shopping season to buy new smartphones.传统上谈,对整个行业来说,截至6月的季度都是一年之中智能手机销售更为较慢的时间段,这是因为许多消费者都想要等到秋天或假期购物季再行出售新的智能手机。

Samsung Electronics, the No. 1 handset maker in the world and Apple’s top rival in the mobile handset industry, is no exception to this trend. This month, Samsung said it estimated its quarterly profit would fall 24 percent compared with the period a year ago. In part, the company blamed the time period — a slow season for smartphone sales in China, the largest smartphone market in the world — for the shortfall. The company also blamed intense competition from its low-cost rivals.作为世界第一大手机制造商,以及苹果在手机业的头号竞争对手,三星电子也不值得注意。三星本月回应,预计本财季利润同比将上升24%。

三星指出,这部分是因为目前是中国智能手机销售的淡季,而中国是世界上仅次于的智能手机市场,另一个原因是来自低成本竞争对手的白热化竞争。Tablet sales shrank for Samsung, too, last quarter. The company said that generally, consumers upgrade tablets less often than they do smartphones.三星上季度平板电脑销量也经常出现上升。

公司回应,总的来说,消费者替换平板电脑的频率高于智能手机。That might be the same reason iPad sales slowed this quarter as well.这有可能也是这一财季iPad销量上升的原因。“It’s part of a pattern — lots of new people are buying iPads, but people who already have them haven’t been replacing them very quickly,” said Jan Dawson, an independent telecom analyst for Jackdaw Research.杰克道研究公司(Jackdaw Research)独立国家电信分析师珍·道森(Jan Dawson)说道,“这是有规律的——许多新的用户在出售iPad,但早已享有iPad的人会迅速更新换代。”Mr. Maestri of Apple added that he believed Apple’s new partnership with IBM would only help lift iPad sales among businesses using tablets. Earlier this month, the companies said they would work together on 100 business programs exclusively for iPhones and iPads.苹果的马埃斯特里还回应,他坚信,苹果与IBM新的伙伴关系将不会提高iPad在用于平板设备的企业中的销量。

本月早些时候,两家公司回应,将共同开发专门用作iPhone和iPad的100款企业程序。Mr. Maestri said he felt it was too early to draw conclusions about how often people replace iPads, because the first iPad came out only four years ago. “We still don’t know exactly what the replacement cycles are,” he said.马埃斯特里说道,他指出对于人们多长时间替换iPad的问题,现在下结论为时过早,因为第一台iPad四年前才面世。他说道,“我们现在还不告诉替换周期到底是怎样的。



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