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中国筹建2000亿元基金 旨在扶植中小电子企业_奥门新浦京网999

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本文摘要:HONG KONG — A Chinese technology regulator said on Friday that it would cooperate with a bank to set up a $30 billion fund to support the country’s huge electronics supply chain.香港——中国一家科技监管机构周五回应,将与一家银行合作成立一个2000亿元人民币的基金,以反对该国可观的电子器件供应链。


HONG KONG — A Chinese technology regulator said on Friday that it would cooperate with a bank to set up a $30 billion fund to support the country’s huge electronics supply chain.香港——中国一家科技监管机构周五回应,将与一家银行合作成立一个2000亿元人民币的基金,以反对该国可观的电子器件供应链。The creation of the new fund underscores China’s ambitions to expand its tech capabilities and also signals how those ambitions are being threatened by slowing growth and recent market turmoil.正式成立新基金突显出了中国强化科技实力的雄心,也标志着这些雄心壮志受到了经济增长速度上升和最近的市场动荡不安的威胁。

Official accounts of the fund did not make clear precisely how the money would be spent. But given the recent weakness in Chinese manufacturing and lower-end electronics manufacturers, it may be intended as a form of stimulus to the tech industry. The terminology used in media accounts signals China’s bold technology ambitions. Reports about the new fund said it would be used to build a “strong manufacturing country” and an “Internet power.”有关该基金的官方言论并未具体回应这笔钱不会如何花上。但考虑到最近中国制造业和低端电子产品制造商的低迷,该基金可能会被用来作为对科技行业的一种性刺激。

媒体报道中的用辞标志着中国在科技行业的勃勃雄心。有关新基金的报导说道,它将被用来建设一个“生产强国”和“网络强国”。A report in state-run media said the fund was created to address problems faced by small and medium enterprises that have come under pressure or folded recently because of a lack of funding. The report made reference to recent factory closures, specifically pointing out the closing in October of Fu Chang Electronic Technology, a supplier to the telecom equipment makers Huawei and ZTE.官方媒体上的一篇报导称之为,正式成立基金是为了解决问题中小企业面对的问题。


The fund will be created through a partnership between an industry group controlled by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and Ping An Bank. Signaling the importance of the initiative, the signing ceremony was held at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, which is often used to host visiting dignitaries, and was attended by representatives of many of China’s largest technology companies, including Lenovo and Alibaba, according to an official release.基金将由中国工业和信息化部管理下的一个行业的组织与平安银行合作正式成立。从官方公布的新闻稿来看,签下仪式在一般来说用来宴请到访权贵的钓鱼台国宾馆举办,参加签下仪式的有来自中国很多大型科技公司的代表,还包括误解和阿里巴巴。

这指出了此事的重要性。Local shares have been hit hard this week by concerns about a depreciating currency and slowing growth. That volatility is most likely worsening an already difficult situation for lower-end electronics makers and component suppliers in China.本周,因为大大升值的人民币和日益下降的经济增长速度引起的忧虑,中国股市遭到重创。这种波动很有可能会让中国低端电子产品厂商和器件供应商本就艰难的处境更进一步好转。While China’s largest hardware brands and booming Internet companies tend to attract media attention, the country also has huge numbers of companies that support the electronics supply chain. With low margins and inconsistent orders, many are highly exposed to slowdowns in the worldwide demand for electronics.尽管引发媒体注目的往往是中国仅次于的硬件品牌和兴兴向荣的互联网公司,但该国也有大量反对电子产品供应链的公司。

因为利润较低、订单不平稳,这些公司中很多都近于易受世界范围内电子产品市场需求上升的影响。The headwinds were highlighted again on Friday, when the Taiwanese electronics manufacturing giant Foxconn said that December revenue was 20 percent lower than it was last December. The company operates a number of city-size production facilities in China.周五,当台湾电子产品生产巨头富士康称之为其12月的收益同比上升20%时,这种衰落再度被凸显了出来。富士康在大陆有很多规模堪比一座城市的生产厂。

In another indication of the pressures on manufacturing in recent months, the China Labor Bulletin said in a recent report that there had been a “massive upsurge” in worker strikes and protests during the second half of 2015. Tracing the uptick in disputes to market turmoil last summer, the organization said it had tracked twice as many incidents in 2015 as it had in 2014.制造业在最近几个月面对压力的另一个迹象是,中国劳工通讯(China Labor Bulletin)在最近的一份报告中称之为,2015年下半年,工人大罢工和抗议“大幅度减少”。该的组织称之为其找到,2015年的纠纷事件是2014年的两倍,并将纠纷的减少归咎于去年夏天的市场动荡不安。The new fund seems to resemble a separate multibillion-dollar fund, announced in 2014, to provide financing and enable acquisitions to increase the size and sophistication of the country’s semiconductor industry. In a speech, Zhou Zixue, who leads the industry group overseeing the new fund, emphasized the importance of market forces, using language similar to that used in announcing the semiconductor fund.新基金或许类似于2014年宣告正式成立的另一个价值数十亿美元的基金。


那项基金目的通过获取资金和促使收购,提高中国半导体行业的规模和先进设备程度。在发言中,负责管理新基金的涉及行业的组织负责人周子学特别强调了市场力量的重要性。他的措辞和宣告半导体行业基金时类似于。Mr. Zhou, who is the chairman of the Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation, also said that the new fund would support “supply side” policies. That phrase, recently popular though less than precise, is usually used by Chinese economic policy makers to emphasize reducing excess manufacturing capacity and moving toward a more consumption-driven economy.身兼中芯国际集成电路生产有限公司董事长的周子学还回应,新基金将反对“供给外侧”政策。


Still, Mr. Zhou said that the financing would be used to develop advanced technologies and support companies that are facing financing difficulties, an indication that it might not ultimately lead to a reduction in China’s huge number of low-cost electronics manufacturers.然而,周子学回应,这笔资金将被用来发展先进设备技术和反对面对资金艰难的公司。这一迹象指出,该基金最后有可能会增大中国可观的低成本电子产品制造商规模。Over the last year, the semiconductor fund has been used to finance a number of strategic investments and acquisitions in foreign chip companies. Foreign trade groups have said it gives unfair advantage to Chinese companies and is a tool of Beijing’s industrial policies. It is unclear whether the new fund will be used to support acquisitions.去年,半导体行业的那项基金被大量用作战略投资以及并购外国芯片公司。




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